Gain muscle and lose fat with strength exercises

Strength exercises are, after cardio, the type of training most practiced in gyms, although it is true that, as a general rule, it is believed that It is only used for those people who want to gain muscle volume . The reality is quite different, and it is that strength circuits can also be very helpful to lose fat , for example.

The key to everything is to know the benefits that they can draw from this type of training and, depending on the objectives, focus it in one way or another . Therefore today, from TiendaCulturista , we will give a series of keys around strength exercises , so that you have a lot of information that let you decide and configure a sports routine according to your goals.

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Advantages and warnings before strength training

Before entering matter it is highly recommended to do a more or less superficial review of the main characteristics of strength exercises. What benefits do they have, how they should be practiced, what precautions must be taken into account, etc. The goal is to be able to start training making the most of the positive points and minimizing the negative points as much as possible.

Perhaps the first image that comes to mind when someone talks to you strength exercise is that of a person lifting huge weights. It is normal, since this discipline is the one that generates the most spectacle and, therefore, the one that receives the most repercussion and media coverage. However, strength training is something much more mundane and available to everyone , and can be done without the need for great gym tools .

The possibility of doing very complete strength training in your own home is one of the most remarkable advantages, because it gives the athlete a very valuable freedom . This is so thanks to the fact that we have the ability to use the weight of our body as ballast, acting as that giant weight to which we previously alluded. The most typical examples to understand how these exercises work are push-ups or squats.

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Logically, for the most prepared people the fact of training with your own body weight falls short, and that’s when typical gym tools come into play. However, today it is very simple to buy a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band, so the option of exercising at home is still viable.

At this point You have to make some important warning , and that is that strength training can be quite harmful , so it is necessary to pay close attention. One of the keys is progressivity , something non-negotiable when doing activities of this type. Trying to move faster than normal often leads to injury , so take your time and don’t pretend to start lifting the same weight as an experienced athlete.

How to focus training to get all the performance out of them

Contrary to popular belief, strength training not only serves to increase muscle mass . In fact, their function depends, to a large extent, on how they are complemented with other types of exercises; that is, it is important to accompany the strength circuits with activities such as cardio. It is common to observe people obsessed with gaining muscle repeating their strength routines over and over again, a behavior that can be counterproductive.

The key to getting the most out of your workouts of strength, in case you are looking for the increase in muscle volume , is to complement them with low intensity cardio . This is: swimming, dancing, walking, etc.

The other main utility, and in many cases unknown, of strength exercises is burning fat. It is about one of the most sought after goals in fitness, as it is vitally important for losing weight, defining muscle tone and improving overall physical performance. If you want to focus your training towards this place, you must accompany it with a combination of high cardio (running, spinning, rope, etc.) and low intensity.

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As with any type of sports discipline, these tips must be supported by healthy habits on a day-to-day basis. It is useless to follow them to the letter if later, when you get home, the food is a disaster. Eating healthy, staying consistent in training and resting are the three pillars on which to start building everything else.