10 reasons to avoid milk and dairy

10 reasons to avoid milk and dairy

Bodybuilder Store recommends avoiding milk and dairy consumption as part of a healthy and healthy diet .

Our main reasons are :

Calcium that is difficult to absorb

The calcium contained in milk is difficult to absorb, and is only absorbs a small part. Despite being a food rich in Calcium, other foods with a lower amount of total calcium manage to be better sources of this mineral for the body such as broccoli, sesame, almonds and hazelnuts, chickpeas, cabbage, figs, seaweed, parsley, spinach, …

Bad mineral balance

Milk has a poor mineral balance , especially between the minerals phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. This imbalance makes milk a lousy food for the remineralization of our tissues. In addition, it negatively affects our reserves of other important minerals such as iron or zinc.

They are acidifying foods

La Milk and dairy are acidifying foods, which unbalance our internal pH balance and favor bone demineralization processes as a buffer mechanism for body acidity.

Contains lactose

Milk sugar, lactose , requires a substance (lactase) that our body is prepared to stop producing when we reach 4 years of age. This shows that we are the only “animal” that continues to drink milk after weaning.

stomach heaviness, gas, stomach / belly bloating, nausea, vomiting, etc.

razones-para-evitar-la-leche 10 razones para evitar la leche y los lácteos

Reasons to avoid milk and dairy

The casein

The main protein that milk contains, casein , is difficult to break down as it requires a digestive system in optimal conditions. Casein that does not break down completely can cause symptoms that affect our nervous system (concentration problems, sleep problems, etc.), our digestive system (diarrhea / constipation) and our immune system (increased formation of histamine: mucus, rhinitis , conjunctivitis, itching / hives, etc).

Contains a lot of saturated fat

The fat that the milk contains is mostly of the saturated type. This type of fat, associated with the risk of cardiovascular problems and other derivatives of cholesterol and obesity, should be used mainly by our body as a source of fuel. A consumption of these fats associated with a sedentary lifestyle leads to overweight and obesity.

Few vitamins

Cow’s milk It has low amounts of vitamin E (anti-oxidant of fats) for the amount of fat it contains.

May cause sensitivity and allergy

Milk, due to many of the factors that we have discussed so far, occupies one of the highest positions in the ranking of allergenic substances , causing great number of people sensitivity and allergy problems.

It can cause health problems

There are scientific studies that associate the consumption of milk to a multitude of health problems that have a clear tendency to increase cases in our society. The acute processes that affect the ENT sphere (mouth-nose-throat) stand out, a greater need to take antibiotics (especially in children), problems intestinal (such as punctured bowel syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.), immune system disorders (allergic processes, asthma, etc.) among many others (chronic fatigue, migraines, autism , multiple sclerosis, some types of cancer, etc.).

10-razones-para-evitar-la-leche 10 razones para evitar la leche y los lácteos