High cholesterol and triglycerides, a solution

High cholesterol and triglycerides, a solution

alterations in the normal values ​​of fats in the blood (dyslipidemia) are one of the most common problems that we can find after performing a blood test. Doctors warn, in a special way, about the risk at the cardio-circulatory level that is associated with this type of imbalance. A high value of triglycerides in the blood (hypertriglycemia), cholesterol total (hypercholesterolemia), or low levels of the so-called “good cholesterol” (HDL ) put doctors on alert and immediately propose interventions that, sometimes, are not accompanied by the expected results.

Medical intervention against fats

The classic medical intervention against these problems with fats focuses on the realization of low-fat diets and on the taking of the “famous” drugs known as statins

The Statins are a group of drugs that inhibit, in the liver, the enzyme that converts fats into cholesterol. Unfortunately, this enzyme is also involved in the formation of CoQ10, the main cardiac antioxidant. It is still paradoxical that these drugs are prescribed to avoid cardiovascular problems but that in turn, these drugs reduce a substance essential for heart health . At the same time, these statins have side effects that people who take them often suffer: musculoskeletal pain, headaches , liver problems.

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Product with high cholesterol content

The low diets fat They are not very useful either, since the consumption of fats is reduced to a minimum, without evaluating their quality or if they are necessary fats for the body. At the same time, these diets do not affect carbohydrate consumption, or their glycemic load. It must be borne in mind that there are fats that are totally necessary for correct body function and that some of them are only provided through food (AGE). In addition, we must know that the excess carbohydrates in the diet will be transformed into fat. A diet will be effective only if it takes into account the glycemic load and the amount of sugars that are provided.

What effective therapeutic options can we follow?

We should know that the only currently reliable value that relates cholesterol to the risk of cardiovascular disease is the percentage that HDL occupies within total cholesterol. Despite this, we may want to lower our total cholesterol levels when they are excessively high.

Only 25% of our cholesterol is obtained from the diet . Most of it is made in the liver to meet the body’s needs. Cholesterol is an essential substance for the proper functioning of our cells and our body. The liver is a vital organ for controlling blood cholesterol, making what is necessary and eliminating the excess through the bile.

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Follow a diet

The diet should be rich in quality fats (beneficial for the liver) but especially avoid carbohydrates high glycemic load. In moderation, and only 2-3 times a week, we can eat foods with high and medium glycemic loads. It is precisely the spikes in blood sugar (hyperglycemia) that are the main causes of vascular damage and liver overload. An overloaded liver will not be able to keep blood cholesterol in balance (by manufacturing excessively and failing to eliminate excess) and the damage to blood sugar will greatly increase the cholesterol needs of the blood vessels. On the other hand, we can help our body with effective nutritional supplements for hypercholesterolemia and dyslipidemia.