How to organize your protein intake during the day

How to organize your protein intake during the day

Good morning, family! Today’s text is aimed at anyone who has decided to adapt their diet to their sports needs and who, along the same lines of decision, wants to have the maximum possible knowledge to optimize your diet and eating habits. Specifically, we will talk about proteins , focusing the content on how the contributions of this macronutrient should be made so that they can be used by the muscular system.

Proteins fulfill a essential structural function for muscles; that is, their tasks cover all the main needs so that they can offer high performance . Thus, they become a vital element for any athlete, who will see how they help to improve both performance during exercise and recovery or volume growth of lean mass.

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The importance of proteins for sports

The great advances in the nutrition industry —Both sporty and healthy— have revealed a series of factors that, in the end, have established a very close relationship between what you eat and when you eat . Little by little, it has been discovered that the same nutrients can provide different qualities depending on the time of ingestion , because our body is not the same 24 hours a day.

With regard to proteins, the time factor gains great relevance, because it can make them serve to improve performance, to create new muscle mass or to accelerate the recovery processes after a demanding effort. Therefore, knowing the ideal moment for each function is an advantage that can optimize your diet.

From TiendaCulturista , we are going to talk about the type of protein you should Take it at breakfast, in the main meals – lunch and dinner – and in the specific period immediately after a training session or competition. Obviously, there are many options of taking each kind of protein, so you can choose your favorite foods or supplements.

Before moving on to the next point, we want to clarify that always It is preferable to choose natural products that are as ecological as possible. If you have the option of choosing between a supplement and a fresh food, opt for the second option, which in addition to improving your performance will offer benefits to your body.

Zinc-un-oligoelemento-esencial El Zinc: un oligoelemento esencial

What protein to take at all times?


The presence of proteins in The first meal of the day is of great importance, as it provides the muscles the necessary resources to activate and start working at a good pace, without danger to lose volume or anything like that. In addition, it provides a feeling of satiety that will allow you to arrive without hunger until the next meal.

It is very common to use eggs to create protein breakfasts, and it is that it is one of the most complete foods in this sense. The clear is one of the few ingredients that, naturally, contains proteins of the highest biological value without the presence of fats . Omelette, scrambled eggs or beaten eggs are ideal options.

If you don’t like them, you can always go for natural yogurt , some types of fat-free cheese or the options that sound the most to you: cooked ham, turkey breast and tuna .

Lunch and dinner

During the main meals of the Today, the task of providing protein becomes much easier, since the number of available options multiplies . The most common are white meats, with very high protein proportions, such as chicken or turkey . Oily fish is also perfect for these moments, mainly sardines and salmon .

In case you are following a vegetarian or vegan diet , Don’t worry, there are also many vegetable alternatives for you. Peas and rice are perhaps the two best-known foods in this regard, since they are often used to create protein supplements suitable for vegans. Legumes and nuts in general, as well as some seeds , are ingredients that perfectly serve this purpose.

The metabolic window

The concept of “ metabolic window ” has enormous importance in the field of sports nutrition. It refers to the time of day when the body has more absorption power to assimilate all the nutrients that are ingested. This occurs just after exercise , and depending on the person it lasts more or less.

During this period, proteins are essential to achieve that the muscular system, exhausted after receiving most of the impact of physical activity, regain good fitness and do not deteriorate. Therefore, a protein intake is necessary immediately after the effort, trying to allow as little time as possible to pass.