The acid-base balance

The acid-base balance

One of the main causes of altered health is the loss of acid-base balance of the internal environment. During normal cell function, especially in the production of energy, acid elements are produced, known as H +, which are released into body fluids, and which are quickly counteracted by chemical reactions called buffer or buffer. Thanks to these buffer chemical reactions , the body’s acid-base balance remains stable.

How to measure acid-base balance

The acid-base balance can be measured through the pH value, which expresses the amount of H + in the medium. Low pH values ​​indicate acidity while high values ​​express alkalinity. In the human body, pH values ​​must be kept within a narrow range for the proper functioning of all cells, tissues and organs. This balance is considered one of the most important balances for the maintenance of health. The loss of this equilibrium is related to numerous alterations, many of them of a chronic nature.

Effects of the loss of acid-base balance

Some of them are:

    • Hair loss and nail weakness .
    • Muscle pain, contractures and muscle cramps .
    • Pain in the heels when getting up from sleep.
    • Loss of bone mass and muscle mass.
    • Weakness of the teeth.

Promotes calcification of blood vessels.

    • Burning when urinating.
    • Irritated and brittle skin.
    • Tiredness and chronic fatigue.


  • Decreases the activity of the immune system.

El-equilibrio-acido El equilibrio ácido-base

How to maintain the acid-base balance

diet is the second factor with the greatest influence on this acid-base balance . The current bad nutritional habits, together with other causes such as stress, lack of physical activity and exercise, cause a greater production of acids, unbalancing the balance and causing a decrease in body pH, known as metabolic acidosis .

The role of nutrition

Nutrition has a direct relationship in the concentration and elimination of H +, so It can be used to achieve an optimal acid-base balance Orale Steroide .

There are nutrients “with the capacity” to retain H + (acidify) and nutrients with the capacity to eliminate H + (alkalize).

In general terms, it can be stated that fruits and vegetables , in all their variety, tend to be alkalizing of the medium internal, while cereals, dairy, legumes and animal protein sources (meat, fish, egg) are acidifiers . A healthy diet should have an optimal, slightly alkalizing balance to ensure that the pH is maintained within its healthy limits. Without any doubt, the current nutrition with a high content in cereals, dairy and meat products and low in fruits and vegetables, favors an acidified organism, with all the health risks that this entails.

The importance of minerals

Minerals are essential micronutrients for the proper functioning of the human body. They are provided day by day through the diet, while they are eliminated through sweat, feces and urine.

fruits and vegetables , along with Products that come from the sea are the main source of minerals in the diet . These are the main precursors of bases in the diet, so they play a very important role in the acid-base balance.

To enjoy good health, it is important to have a correct acid-base balance. base . Its imbalance can induce a state of hyperacidity with alterations in tissues and organs of the body, which can lead to important pathologies. Nutrition influences the elimination or retention of acids from the body, with fruits and vegetables being the main alkalinizers of the body.

Taking nutritional supplements can be beneficial for alkalizing and restoring body balance , thanks to their contribution of easily absorbable minerals.